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upcuming show$$

in the works my dudes


past shws

 these shows are dead


a sketch show about "deportation".

performed at The Birds, Leyton, UK

November 22nd, 2018

a sketch show about family and insanity.

performed at the Dance Studio, East 15

June 22nd 2017

comedy night w/ a bunch of scam artists and an italian

performed at The Red Lion E11

August 19th 2021

comedy night w/ high grade "opium" and live music

performed at The Red Lion E11

December 2nd 2021

**in collaboration with Paper Mug Theatre

Performed at the Debut Festival (2019), Pleasance Theatre London (2021), Edinburgh Festival (2022)

UPCOMING  - Sheffield Theatre on October 28th, 2023

Apko Party at the George.jpg

comedy night @ the george tavern in honour of a slavic comedy god (November 30th 2022*

"if you yawn too wide, a bird will shit in your mouth."

Superglue Assembly Line consists of Stefanie Reynolds, Beatricé Granno, Daniel Kettle, and Marysa "Fatbeats" Finnie

Superglue Assembly Line "theatre" cmoedy

A black comedy set in a primary school. 

Performed at the Debut Festival (2016) and the Edinburgh Festival (2016)

A cult comedy about roadkill and milkshakes.

Performed at DIY Space For London (2018), VAULT Festival (2018), and Wandsworth Festival (2018)

rare "footage

rare footage

get in touch with us to order beer or get our daughters numbers:

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